Low-Calorie Social Tonics

BY Laura McQuarrie
Low-Calorie Social Tonics

CANN's vibrant beverage range contains a variety of social tonics that play with CBD and THC but CANN Unspiked is free from THC, CBD or other functional ingredients. These low-calorie refreshments revisit the brand's core flavors, Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary and Blood Orange Cardamom, but without the cannabis infusions. The beverages boast up to 35 calories per can and a touch of sweetness that comes from agave nectar.

The bold and refreshing canned drinks play with herbaceous and citrus flavors to create depth of flavor and complexity but the beverages are approachable and inviting in terms of their look.

While the brand's existing portfolio focuses on providing a buzz without alcohol, Unspiked centers on pure refreshment and low-calorie flavor so that there's something for everyone to enjoy at a social gathering.


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