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Taste An Unexpected,
Uncomplicated, and Unashamed
New Party Drink

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Award-Winning Flavors

  • Low in Calories

When You Don’t Want to Drink, But Still Want a (Great) Drink

Reverse-osmosis carbonated water

(a few bubbles, nothing else)

Not-from- concentrate juice

(save concentration for work)


(a touch, not too much)

All-natural flavor from the herb

(never with “other” flavors)

Unashamed Press

Complex Flavors + Simple Ingredients


It actually tastes good. Award-winning good, in fact.


No mystery ingredients or fake friends here.


Sometimes you grab a beer. Sometimes you grab an Unspiked. No shame in that.

Uncomplicated Compliments

Lemon Lavender
“These drinks are seriously a game changer.”
Allie H.
GrapeFruite rosemary
“It helped my friends and I cut back on boredom drinking”
Sarah W.
Blood Orange Cardamom
“So amazing that now I reach for Unspiked over a spiked seltzer.”
Chase B.
Variety Pack
“You’ve never experienced flavor like this before.”
Michel B.
Lemon Lavender
“Limiting yourself to one is impossible.”
Derek A.